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COVID-19 Announcement

Updated 05/21/20

Dear Residents,

Working with the RI Department of Business Regulation and the Town of South Kingstown, the steps for a limited opening of the property have been finalized. The various required notices, guidance, and forms that are referred to can be obtained using the links throughout this page, and they are all also listed below.

Included, you'll find Phase 1 Reopening RI Guidelines from Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation dated May 21st, 2020 which indicates that for private seasonal campgrounds, only units that have properly installed and maintained alternative toilets may be occupied.

You'll also find, guidance and certification from the South Kingstown Building Inspector as to the process of certifying that your cottage has a qualifying alternative toilet. You will see the process requires the cottage owner sign the certification that your cottage has an approved alternative toilet and deliver the fully filled out and executed document to us at, or via hand delivery to our drop box outside of our office. The definition of an alternative toilet is included with the form.

While we hope the guidelines will continue to be relaxed, for now, cottages that do not have a qualifying alternative toilet are not allowed to be occupied at this time.

In order to comply with the applicable RI DBR rules for RCB, please be aware of the following:

1. 14 day quarantine rules for out of state residents will remain in effect through June 8th. (See our website for correspondence from the Town of South Kingstown for further information.) For those who must self-quarantine, as the public rest-rooms will be closed, you will need to bring enough potable water and groceries to last you through the required quarantine period.
2. The public bathrooms will be closed except for use by employees.
3. The office will be closed to the public, any transactions will need to be completed via email, USPS or the drop box at the office.
4. All social community gatherings are canceled until further notice.
5. Please maintain six feet of distance in accordance with current social distancing guidelines.
6. Cloth face coverings which cover the mouth and nose are to be worn when in public in accordance with applicable rules.
7. No recreational facilities or public amenities will be available.
8. No congregating in groups of more than five (5) residents through June 8th.
9. No visitors or guests will be allowed access. Only cottage owners and their immediate family members with whom they live at their current/permanent residence will be allowed on the premises. No guests will be allowed at this time and no guest passes will be issued or accepted.

Please be aware that anyone coming to RCB from out of state must immediately quarantine for 14 days. You are encouraged to bring your own groceries, water and supplies to last you through the 14 day quarantine period.

1. Included in the links below is correspondence from the South Kingstown Town Manager as to complying with the 14 day self quarantine rules; and
2. More information can be found at the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) website:

We have provided a document required by The Department of Business Regulation, the RI Department of Health, the Rhode Island State Police, and the Rhode Island Division of Taxation. You will also need to print and sign a disclosure form indicating that you have read the form and the attachments, and will show the same to all visitors to your cottage.

COVID-19 is a highly infectious and transmittable virus, and the nature of our facility makes it impossible to guarantee our resident's safety from the virus. By entering the RCB property you and visitors to your cottage are assuming the risk that you may be exposed to COVID-19, and the risk of transmitting the virus to those you come in contact with.

Several other housekeeping matters:

1. No lifeguards will be on duty and the use of the beach remains at your own risk until further notice. We will open our beach once we are satisfied that it can be done safely.
2. If you see our cars in the office, please remember that per the attached RI DBR Guidance, we are required to transact business via email/telephone/USPS, and as such, the office will remain closed to the public. We may be working in there, but we will not be letting residents into the building.
3. If you need to purchase resident stickers, please do so by mail, or call the office and we will process by credit card and then mail you the sticker.
4. There will be no mail delivery and we will not sign for any packages, please make alternative arrangements for the delivery of both.
5. In normal times we accommodate those who dump "chowder buckets" at the public rest-rooms via a dedicated bathroom stall. This will not be the case until further notice as (i.) "Chowder buckets" do not qualify as alternative toilets and cottages relying on them may not be used for habitation and (ii.) Our public rest-rooms are closed per DBR order. We regret the need to comply with these rules, but we will follow DBR guidance on this point. We hope it will be changed soon.
6. You will have noticed that we have torn down the old office/store location. While the structure is gone, bits of wood, nails, etc. may still be left in this area. This area is closed to the public, please do not stand, walk or sit in this area, and please be sure to keep children from this area until further notice.

Some residents have been very vocal on their rights to use their beach house. Please understand we have heard you all, and we have tried, daily, to get you in there the safest way possible. Your being there is your choice and you will have signed the disclosure accordingly. You will see us and our employees on the property working. We are there to do our jobs and plan to keep ourselves a safe distance away from you. Please respect our choice to not interact with you in person. We will not be putting ourselves or our employees at risk while on the property.

It is our most sincere hope that those who visit the property during this pandemic will consider their safety, the safety of their loved ones, and the safety of the entire RCB community and their families by following the rules that have been put in place to keep everyone safe.

Matunuck Beach Properties, Inc. is a private enterprise, and as such, cannot enforce state or local rules. Concerns as to violations should be reported to the South Kingstown police.

Below is what we hope is a handy summary of the steps you'll need to take if your cottage contains an alternative toilet that complies with applicable rules:

1. Download, print, complete, sign, and email the certification form from the Town of South Kingstown to us at You may also leave a fully filled in and executed copy in the drop box outside our office.

2. Download, print, complete, sign and email the Matunuck Beach Properties, Inc. Disclosure Form to us at You may also leave a fully filled in and executed copy in the drop box outside our office.

3. Download, print, complete, sign and email the State of RI Covid-19 Information Form to us at You may also leave a fully filled in and executed copy in the drop box outside our office.

We have not received any guidance that visits by residents or contractors to maintain their cottage are no longer permitted, so if your cottage does not contain an alternative toilet, we believe you may visit the property for these purposes as previously outlined in our emails. Please plan to leave the property by 7 PM.

Nancy, Rob & Christa

Town of South Kingstown Building Inspector Toilet Certification Form
Matunuck Beach Properties Disclosure and Form
Re-Opening RI Phase I Guidelines for Private Seasonal Campgrounds, RV Parks, Seasonal Trailer Parks, Tourist Cabins or Cottages, Beach Clubs and Drive-In Movie Theaters
State of RI Covid Information and Form
Letter from the Town Of South Kingstown Town Manager

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